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we’ve done all the prep so you don’t have to!

"Who has time for prep?" We DO!

Here at Proprep we want to make hitting your nutritional goals as simple and as tasty as possible, everything in our dishes is made from scratch by our experienced and progressive kitchen team. We strive to make macro-nutritionally balanced meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and have them delivered to you within 24 hours of production.

here to take the hassle out of healthy eating.

With Meat, Fish and Vegan options we really have something for everyone. What’s even better, with all the macros mapped out, each dish is designed to give you what you need to achieve your goals.


We tried and loved pro prep, will definitely order again. The food is nutritious and of a high quality. There are options to suit everyone, meat eaters, pescatarians and vegetarians.
It’s fabulous for when you’re in a hurry but still want a healthy meal. I highly recommend.


... I can honestly say they are the nicest and most filling pre prepared meals I’ve ever had. They were so fresh and not full of additives or sauces. Just good food. It’s not expensive plus there are always deals to be had. If you are hesitant like I was I would say just try it!


Me and my boyfriend got ProPrep a few weeks ago and loved it! The meals were so filling and big portions compared to what I have had in other meal prep companies! Would recommend for people on the go looking for healthy meals